Our School

orange shirt dayWe acknowledge that our learning is taking place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory. We thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us and recognize their enduring presence on this land.

Our School

Ridgemont High School provides a strong academic and practical foundation for students who choose either to pursue post-secondary education or to enter the workforce. Ridgemont HS is noted for its academic excellence, athletic achievements, and community-related programs. A dynamic, caring, and award winning staff—focused on students and student achievement—is committed to providing a stimulating and enriching learning environment for all students. Ridgemont HS is a centre for ESL, French Immersion, and ECL (Education for Community Living) programs. In addition to a full range of academic programs, Ridgemont HS offers many technology-related courses and opportunities to its students: a Computer Art course, Communication Technology, Transportation Technology, and Design & Technology. We have a strong Co-op program linked to our many community partners and a well-established Arts and Athletics programs. Ridgemont HS also offers a wide range of international languages such as Arabic, Somali, Spanish and German. Ridgemont HS is proud of its many accomplishments, it's diversity, and its ability to serve all students.

Our Students

There are 764 students at Ridgemont High School. Ridgemont HS is an urban school with a rich cultural and linguistic diversity that mirrors the diversity of the world. Students graduating from Ridgemont HS are prepared to be informed and active citizens of a globalized society that requires knowledge and respect of cultures, knowledge about the world, and the ability to communicate in English and international languages.

Our Grade 9 students come from a number of community schools and are welcomed by our Spartan STARS To ensure that grade nine students have a successful start to high school, the Spartan STARS (Support, Trust, Acceptance, Relationships = Success) welcome grade 9s with activities and provide them with senior students as mentors. Grade 9 students and their mentors meet regularly during the school year, under the supervision of the STARS staff advisors. It is a great program that connects students, develops positive relationships, and facilitates a smooth, successful start to high school. Our students have access to excellent programs such as the Ridgemont Leadership Camp, Boys & Girls Club, certification programs, and after hours homework support.

Our Staff

Ridgemont HS staff are dedicated to helping students reach their potential in a caring, safe, supportive environment. We have highly qualified, professional staff committed to students, student learning and student success. Many staff have additional qualifications including Special Education, ESL, and Masters degrees. In addition to our teaching staff, we have educational assistants and youth workers, office assistants, library and guidance technicians, and custodians all supporting student success and creating a welcoming, caring environment. We have a Multicultural Liaison Officer and a Youth Counsellor & Community Outreach Worker. Also, we have numerous partnerships with community agencies.

Over the years, staff members at Ridgemont HS were credited the OCDSB Director’s Citations Award and presented with the prestigious National Capital Educator’s Award.

Ridgemont HS's staff bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to our students. Our staff include former government trade negotiators, engineers, magazine editors, performing musicians, published poets and authors, actors, nurses, and active participants in sports including rugby, curling and hockey.

Our Community

Ridgemont HS is a great community school. There are a number of after school programs offered to students at Ridgemont HS. The nearby commercial areas offer many possibilities for part-time employment and Co-op education placements. A community centre, public library, and ice rink are also close by.

Ridgemont HS School Council consists of an active group of parents, community members, business partners, and staff. They have helped developed Ridgemont HS's mission statement and Graduate Exit Outcomes. They have also reviewed the school code of conduct and yearly review the principal's profile.

The Ridgemont School Council meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday in the school library. Participating parents recognize the positive impact of their involvement on their children's education. At School Council meetings, parents are able to address issues of concern and advise the principal regarding a wide range of topics. New members are always welcome.

Mission Statement

At Ridgemont High School, we embrace our perse nature and challenge all students to achieve personal excellence and responsible citizenship through a spirit of co-operation and a commitment to life-long learning.

Facilities and Resources

Ridgemont HS has a fully serviced, comprehensive high school plant, well suited to deliver the range of programs offered at the school.

  • A library/resource centre contains over 20,000 volumes including French, German, and Spanish titles, and has computers with a range of programs and Internet access;
  • A full auditorium with seating for 730;
  • Two gymnasiums, one with bleachers, a football field, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, a regulation field and track for athletics, a weight room;
  • Well-equipped science labs for Chemistry, Biology and Physics;
  • Technical shops (Transportation Tech, Technological Design, Communications Tech and Family Studies lab);
  • Four classroom computer labs, which are continually updated.

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

  • Full Selection of Courses for University, College, and Workplace bound students
  • Arts Program (Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Computer Art)
  • Media Studies
  • Technologies (Communication, Design, Transportation)
  • Outdoor Education
  • Student Success Program
  • French Immersion and Extended French Programs
  • ESL Program, with sheltered courses offered in Science, Geography, History
  • An excellent Co-operative Education Program
  • A wide variety of International Languages
  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
  • Access to House Building Course
  • Pathways to the Future Program
  • Skills for Success
  • Access to Winning Attitudes - Specialized CO-OP program

Classroom Organization

Ridgemont HS is a semestered, grade 9 to 12 community school. Courses are offered at the academic/university, applied/college, and open/mixed levels. There are four periods a day, on a two-day cycle, with Day 1 occurring on odd-numbered days and Day 2 on even-numbered days. Periods do not tumble in the morning but do tumble in the afternoon. Each period is 75 minutes long and lunch is 50 minutes in length.

Special Education and ESL Programs

All levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) – AO (beginner) to EO (advanced) – are offered with supportive sheltered courses offered in some core subjects in Grade 9 and 10.

The Special Education Department provides support for students with a variety of special needs. This support includes remedial work and materials, an alternate setting for students to work on assignments and tests, and access to extended time as needed.

The Education for Community Living Program develops the educational skills of twenty students while providing a range of valuable work experiences.

Clubs and Activities

  • Leadership Training
  • Spartan STARS
  • Ridgemont HS Ambassadors
  • Equity Club (Multicultural Club)
  • Jane Austen Book Club
  • Boys and Girls Book Clubs
  • RAA (Ridgemont Athletic Association)
  • Interscholastic and Intramural sports, including basketball, volleyball, rugby, ultimate, soccer, track & field, ice hockey, tennis, and golf Clubs including Robotics, Skiing, Drama, Outdoor Education, Leadership, Debate, Yearbook, Reach, GSSA, Choir, Dance, Chess, Games, Improv, United Nations Club
  • Student Council activities include school spirit activities, dances and fund raising for the United Way
  • ECL fundraise for Snowsuit Fund and Easter Seals
  • Stage and Jazz Bands
  • Breakfast Program
  • Homework Club – RHS students/staff providing homework help to elementary students

Safe Schools Initiatives

  • School as a Hub in the community providing after hours programs for students
  • Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution training for students
  • Restorative Practices training and implementation
  • Code of Behaviour developed by staff, students and parents
  • Student Peer Mediation Program
  • Character Education Program
  • Spartan STARS Program
  • Early Intervention Program
  • Multicultural Liaison Officer and School Resource Officer
  • Youth Counsellor & Community Outreach Worker
  • Board Psychologist and Social Worker
  • Nurse Practitioner, Dental Hygienist and Chiropractic Assessment
  • Comprehensive Crisis Plan
  • Partnerships with Rideauwood Family Counselling and South-East Ottawa Community Centre
  • Active in Safe Schools and School Directions Committees.

Achievement and School Improvement Planning

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

  • In recent years, numerous graduates have been Ontario Scholars and won scholarships.
  • In June 2009, one of our graduates was awarded the provincial Millennium Scholarship.
  • Also in 2007-08, one of our graduates was awarded the provincial Millennium Scholarship.
  • EQAO Literacy results and the EQAO grade 9 mathematics results have risen steadily.
  • Many of our graduates go on to attend university or college. Other graduates are enrolled in other postsecondary programs. A small number of students directly enter the workforce.
  • Ridgemont students regularly compete in province-wide Math contests.
  • Ridgemont HS recently had back-to-back winners of the Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards. School Improvement Plans and Initiatives
  • School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA) goal for this school year: By June 2012, students will show improvement in making connections and reflecting across all subject areas as measured by the indicators of progress.
  • For the 2011-2012 year, support from the OCDSB’s Curriculum Services department will be focused on the Science and French departments.
  • Restorative Practices philosophy and practice.
  • After hours activities and homework support for students offered by both Boys and Girls Club and the Community Homework Club among others.
  • Successful After Hours academic help program.
  • Maintain the successful STARS program.
  • Focus on Character Education.
  • Focus on Student Leadership.
  • Continue total school, cross-curricular efforts which focus on improving EQAO literacy test results.
  • Continue to build on the school’s academic success through program expansion including French Immersion, international languages, and E-Learning.
  • Build on efforts that have established Ridgemont HS as a community hub through partnerships with community associations, social service agencies, area businesses, and cultural centres.
  • Foster and celebrate the concept of “giving back to the community” through initiatives such as community involvement and charitable fundraisers.
  • Support and promote homework club and use of volunteer tutors.
  • Continue to build on academic and skill-based linkages programs with feeder schools and work to create accurate academic/personal profiles for future students.
  • Expand role of school volunteers supporting student achievement in partnership with OCRI.

Leadership Recognition

“Leadership in the OCDSB is the demonstration of personal initiative to achieve a positive outcome.”


As representatives of the student population, our Students’ Council provides input for our school-wide events and fundraising for the community. For example, they fundraise for the Terry Fox Run, Red Cross, Help Lesotho, and the Snowsuit Fund, among other charities. Our students also show leadership in other areas including sports with the Ridgemont Athletic Association, public relations with Ridgemont Ambassadors and Grade 9 orientation with the Spartan STARS program. Students may also enroll in credit bearing courses like Spartan STARS, Leadership and Peer Tutoring to further develop their skills.


Our staff members have a wealth of professional qualifications as well as additional qualifications in Special Education, English as a Second Language, Music, Visual Arts, Guidance, and Computers in Education. Our staff (teaching and nonteaching) actively participates in numerous OCDSB professional development activities and are continuously developing professionally by attending conferences and workshops. At Ridgemont HS, staff members are active members of committees: Restorative Practices, Cultural Proficiency, Literacy, Numeracy, Character Education, Spartan STARS and Bullying Prevention among others. We recognize staff leadership via personal interactions with one another, letters of thanks, school announcements, school newsletters, assemblies, performance appraisals, and our principal’s report to School Council.


Our dedicated School Council meets bi-monthly and we appreciate the opportunity to dialogue with our parents/guardians. We also encourage all our parents to be regular members of our School Council. As invaluable partners, we thank our parents, guardians and volunteers on an on-going basis, and look for opportunities to acknowledge them through our principal and/or teacher’s report to School Council and school newsletters.


Over the years, we have developed and maintained strong partnerships with our community. Our students and their families benefit from these partnerships. We recognize our community partners through our school announcements, school newsletters, and principal’s report to School Council. Frequently, we invite them to events and awards ceremonies. Our annual Community Multicultural Potluck Dinner has been a successful event, celebrating the school year.

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