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School Address



Ridgemont High School

2597 Alta Vista Drive,

Ottawa Ontario K1V 7T3

Administration Contact

613 -733-4860

Principal: Mr. R King ext. 163

Vice Principal: Ms. Jane Dempsey ext. 165

Vice Principal: Mr. Chris Hale ext. 164

Office Administrator: Ms. Beattie ext. 162

Superintendent: Nadia Towaij


Vice Principal Student Responsibilities

Ms. Dempsey is responsible for students with the last names A-K


Mr. Hale is responsible for students with the last names L-Z.



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The information within this page can be found here:

- Ridgemont High School's Address: 2597 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa Ontario, K1V 7T3

- Administration Contact: Phone: 613-733-4860. Extentions: Principal King extension 226, Vice Principal Dempsey is extention 228, Vice Principal Hale is extention 227, Office Administrator Ms. Beattie is extention 225 and the school's superintendent is Nadia Towaij.

- Google Map to Ridgemont High School