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  • Website Update:  April 16th

    -Thank you to those who completed the student created Student Survey!

    - Added 2 months worth (including this month) of Parent Council minutes.

    -Updated the Parent Council page.

    - Updated teacher contacts to add Ms. Aylsworth's website and email address. 
    - Updated the new guidance page

    - Updated the SST page

  • Ridgemont is now a 'Career Cruising' School!

    Ridgemont is now a 'Career Cruising' school!

    Check it out...


    Career Cruising

  • RHS A&E Document

  • Want your photos in the 2013-14 Yearbook?

    Do you have a photo you would like in the yearbook? Email it to ridgemont.yearbook@gmail.com

  • Important Health Concern

    A reminder that RHS is suppose to be SCENT FREE. Please do not wear any perfume, body spray, cologne or AXE. Even a little bit can hurt people.